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How to Spot a Fake Perfume Online

Sellers of counterfeit goods are everywhere these days. Today, it's not just fake bags and shoes out there. Even fake medicine, perfume, cosmetics, and consumables are sold online in droves.

While buying counterfeit wearables are relatively harmless, buying counterfeit consumables like perfumes, medicines, and food have guaranteed adverse effects on one's health and well-being.

Established perfume houses have constantly warned about cheap counterfeit colognes and perfumes in the market. There are several easy ways to detect a perfume's authenticity. Here are a few...

Authentic Perfumes have Barcodes

First, in manufacturing any product, barcodes are an efficient and cost-effective way of storing and tracking product information to manage an inventory. It also serves as an effective deterrent to counterfeit items by tagging authentic products per item produced.


BarcodesBarcodes are effective deterrent to counterfeit items by
tagging authentic products per item produced.


A barcode, when scanned, contains all unique information about a product such as product type, name of manufacturer, location, price, and dates, among others.

Counterfeit perfumes usually do not have barcodes. Adding one requires that manufacturers register their company information. Counterfeit producers would obviously skirt away this step.

Same Fragrance, Same Barcode

Second, you can usually identify a perfume by its barcode. For this reason, most manufacturers use the same barcode for the same product. Thus, they should have the same barcode regardless if it's being sold locally or overseas.

When buying online, you can check for authenticity by looking at pictures of that product's barcode on the web. You can compare the barcode on the product's side wall or base from the same product on a store's shelf. The perfume you plan to purchase online should have the same barcode as the one on display.


Authentic Perfumes have Serial or Batch Numbers

Serial or batch numbers are mostly used in manufacturing for inventory control. This is used to track product features and components and to tag items for replacements and repair. They are mostly seen near a product's barcode.

BarcodesSerial or Batch numbers are mostly used in manufacturing for inventory control.


Legitimate perfume manufacturers would obviously have serial or batch numbers on a perfume's bottle and box. These are indicators that it's genuine. Counterfeit fragrances do not have these. Often, you only see their company name in their packaging.

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