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Polish Perfume Houses

Polish cosmetic and perfume houses have been been taking off since the late 90s. However, along the way, many have failed and become insolvent. The ones that have failed, were skewed towards  competing with French perfumery brands head on. The ones that have survived, have found their place comfortably in the mass-market space. 

Did you know there are numerous large cosmetic and fragrance factories in Poland? While most Polish manufacturers manufacture for the large international players like P&G and Colgate Palmolive, Polish perfume manufacturers like La Rive and Nou have successfully marketed under their own brand labels. 

Poland is the home to many large factories which manufacture for large cosmetic companies like P&G and Colgate Palmolive

La Rive - Polish Perfume House

La Rive is one of the bigger Polish manufacturers, manufacturing under their own brand label. They have been around since 2000 and continue to remain very strong with over 130 scents being retailed at a go. All are affordably priced between SGD$15-$30. 

La Rive's Unique Selling Position

La Rive markets under the umbrella of mass appeal. They market research extensively and pick out some of the most popular scents on the market and produce them better, with fantastic bottle designs for the fraction of the price. 

"Why is Sweet Hope our Best Seller?"

This is our best selling SKU from La Rive. It smells very similar to Poison by Christian Dior. The bottle is inspired by Poison as well. The bottles are heavy, well-made and well-designed. This is unusual for other countries manufacturing mass-appeal perfumes but not for Polish perfume houses. 

Polish Perfume Export Market

Most of the perfume and cosmetics manufactured in Poland are exported via Germany, Kazakhstan and Russia.

Polish vs French Perfumes

I don't think a fair comparison can be made as the 'game' is different. I do however want to make clear that quality standards for perfume manufacture in Warsaw, is very good. They are experienced in cosmetics and fragrance production, mainly because the big manufacturers have been there for over 50 years, setting the standards. 

In addition, Poland has access to glassworks. This means most of the steps to manufacture the final perfume products is done within Poland. This greatly keeps cost of production low, not to mention 'time-to-produce' is also shorter. The result for the consumers is a high quality, low cost product. 

So, don't let the affordable Polish perfume brand prices be an indication of quality. That's far from the truth. Read the reviews on La Rive fragrances, for example. They are exceptional. Polish perfumes are definitely worth a try.   

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