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It's extremely important to note that dupes or inspired-by perfumes are absolutely NOT fake. The brands we have listed here pride themselves with developing high-quality formulas using good-quality perfumes oils and solvents. What they don't do is create flashy advertising campaigns or deck out the perfume with unnecessarily elaborate packaging and then passing the cost onto the consumer. 

In many instances, the juice can be just as good quality as big-brand names. If you are on a budget or simply want to have a large scent library, you should seriously check out these brands. We're certain you won't be disappoint. In fact, you may end up being pleasantly surprised.   

LA RIVE S.A. is one of the leading producers of perfumes and perfumed waters in Europe. Together with the best global perfumers, they create unique fragrance compositions that they pack in their own factory. 

Quality is the most important value for them. The standards according to which they work meet national and international standards and have obtained the certification of quality management systems, including ISO 9001: 2015 and GMP PN-EN ISO 22716:2007. They work with international partners in the search for the best quality components and technologies.

List of Inspired Perfumes by La Rive

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Milton-Lloyd has removed the financial barrier to the world of fine fragrance. Their fragrance collections have been created by the world’s most talented perfumers, using the finest perfume oils, blended at high concentrations to provide the wearer with outstanding quality and performance, at charmingly affordable prices.

List of Inspired Perfumes by Milton-Lloyd

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Creation Lamis is a brand from the middle-east but they do not produce middle-eastern perfumes. They make European inspired perfumes in their own facility, allowing them to control the perfume developing process, bottle design and manufacture from start to finish. They pass on these savings to their customers creating a quality product for less.

List of Inspired Perfumes by Creation Lamis

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