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You are entering NOU BERGAMOT garden. The stroll starts with the scent of lemon, bergamot and cardamom, to reveal after a while the freshness of green leaves that were just picked from a tree branch. You are dreaming about a cup of refreshing drink, when unexpectedly a scent of jasmine, green tea, iris and lily emerge. The thrill of emotions will guide you down a mysterious aisle further into the garden. In one of the most beautiful spots of the greenery you will discover cedar wood surrounded by musk notes.

Head note: lemon | bergamot | cardamon | green leaves
Heart note: jasmine | green tea | iris | lily
Base note: cedar wood | musk

CHERRY BLOSSOM - A romantic stroll starts among huge peonies and juicy peaches, and you can hear delicate flapping of butterfly wings. You are calm. You go on down a fruity-flowery aisle, relishing the breath-taking view. It seems that the garden will end, but you discover a new path. This time a light breeze brings delightful scent of cherry blossom, jasmine, roses and violets. When it fades, you sense musk and an intriguing scent of wood.

Head note: peony | peach
Heart note: cherry blossom | jasmine | rose | violet
Base note: musk | wood

It is impossible to resist it. NOU FREESIA garden attracts you with invigorating scent of lemon, bergamot and galbanum. The moment you stop and look around, the garden charms you with the colours of blossoming lilies, jasmine, freesias and roses. You want this moment to last for ages. You would like to remember it forever. You breathe in the air filled with flower scent and discover hidden accords of musk, sandal wood, benzoin and amber.

Head note: lemon | bergamot | galbanum
Heart note: lily | jasmine | freesia | rose
Base note: musk | sandal wood | benzoin | amber

JASMIN - At the gate of the garden you can sense fresh lemon and sweet peach. You make one step forward and recognise neroli blossom. When you sit on a bench to relish the beautiful view, your senses are stimulated by intensive scent of jasmine, orange blossom and honeysuckle. At the end of the garden aisle, where you can rest, you can still sense musk and sunny amber.

Head note: lemon | peach | neroli blossom
Heart note: jasmine | orange blossom | honeysuckle
Base note: musk | sunny amber

When you enter the NOU PEONY garden, a delicate breeze will bring you pleasant consolation. You will feel a delicate scent of morning dew on rose petals, from under which notes of black pepper emerge for a while. They will make you a bit dizzy, but do not give up. Go deeper into the garden. And when it seems that it cannot be any more delightful, the rose petals will come back with double force, accompanied by charming peony. This is not the end of the journey. Prepare for more sensations. In a valley covered by mist, you are awaited by the scent of musk, cedar wood and patchouli. Here you can stop and rest until the sun goes down.

Head note: morning dew | rose petals | black pepper
Heart note: rose | peony
Base note: musk | cedar wood | patchouli

NOU ROSE PATCHOULI is a dream garden. Once you find yourself inside it, you will fall in love. You are walking down the paths while bergamot, pink pepper, petitgrain and mandarin are dancing around you. Is there anything more splendid? When He rose, Absolue, geranium and jasmine start to whirl, then you know that yes, there is. Even though the notes fade, and the sun is setting down, go further. Unexpectedly you are covered with the warmth of patchouli, sandalwood, tonka beans and benzoin.

Head note: bergamot | pink pepper | petitgrain | mandarin
Heart note: He rose | Absolue rose | geranium | jasmine
Base note: patchouli | sandalwood | tonka beans | benzoin

Before you get to know NOU TUBEROSE garden in its entirety, you will be intrigued by the subtle scent of milk. It will wrap you with a velvety veil so that you feel calm and safe. It will be enhanced by the scent of white flowers – tuberose and jasmine, accompanied by sweet notes of ylang-ylang. They announce accords which will emerge soon. Wait for the sandalwood, vanilla and white musk, which will give the flowery NOU Tuberose bouquet a final touch.

Head note: milk
Heart note: tuberose | ylang-ylang | jasmine
Base note: sandalwood | vanilla | white musk

The story of NOU VELVET BLOSSOM intrigues with the abundance of exotic spices. It begins with a stimulating bergamot and mandarin sprinkled with a pinch of cardamom. It draws us into a distant land with its notes of clove dancing with rosemary. In the end we meet the protagonists. There comes tonka bean, vanilla, patchouli, behind which the discreet scent of leather is hiding.

Head note: bergamot | mandarin | cardamom
Heart note: clove bud | rosemary
Base note: tonka bean | vanilla | patchouli | leather






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