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Pro-tips on How A Man Should Use Perfumes

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Opening Tips

Let's begin by defining what a perfume is. Not what it's supposed to do, just what it is. Perfumes are perfume oils, which could either be natural or synthetic oils, suspended in a solvent. The solvent is usually a grade of alcohol. The quality of oils and solvent will affect the longevity and life-span of the perfume. A perfume should last 5 years before, it's scent starts to get rancid. 

Now that we've got that out of the way, we want to give you 3 quick pro-tips to start with. 

  1. A man should choose his own perfume, not just use the ones he has received as a gift.
  2. When you like a perfume, use the opinions of others to reinforce your decision. Are you getting good feedback that you smell nice?
  3. Before you choose a perfume, spray it on your skin and wait 15-30min for it to settle. Give the perfume time to settle. 

Where To Apply Perfume

Apply perfume, cologne and eau de toilettes to the warmer parts of your body, but do no overspray. Depending on the type of spray tube used, a single spray will range between 0.8ml - 2.3ml. 

  1. Chest (spray once directly on your chest before you put on your shirt)
  2. Neck (spray either behind the neck or just below the chin, but one spray should be sufficient)
  3. Inner elbow (this is an oily and warm party of the body so spraying here would keep you scented longer)
  4. Wrist (optional, do not rub together)

For women, experts may recommend spraying a perfume in the air and walking into it. This isn't recommended for a man, as too much will get wasted per spray and generally men would want the smell of their perfume to be less subtle.

When Should You Use Perfume

A man should use perfume everyday for two reasons. One is to get into the habit of using it. The second is to condition people around you to associate you with good smell. Even if you are not close to them, they may still feel pleasant thoughts about you. The secondary conditioning effect is usually far reaching.

A perfume should be discovered. Resist over-spraying.

Why A Man Should Use Perfume

A man's scent communicates certain sub-conscious signals to people. For example, at work, a man who smells good is viewed as trustworthy. In addition, if a woman likes the way a man smells, she may perceive a man as being more attractive. This also applies the other way round. A man may find a woman more attractive if she smells good. 

How A Man Should Apply Perfume

How a man applies his scent of choice is determined by what concentration of fragrance he has purchased. A cologne is about 5% perfume oils and 95% solvent. An eau de toilette is about 10% perfume oils and 90% solvent. An eau de parfum is typically about 15%-30% perfume oils. 

This means that with a cologne you would have to spray more of it to get a desired effect. But, a cologne is usually significantly cheaper than a perfume, so you really wouldn't mind spaying a lot anyway. Perhaps from a price point of view, it may average itself out. 

With a cologne, a man would probably either splash it on once or twice or spray it on 6-8 times. With a perfume, he may only spray it 2-4 times depending on how many area he would like to scent. With a cologne, the silage (the distance from which the scent can be smelt) and how long the scent lasts will vary from a perfume. While the silage may be similar between a cologne and perfume at the beginning, the rate at which the silage looses efficacy is faster with the cologne. And how long the perfume lasts of the skin is definitely better with a perfume as there is higher perfume oil concentration in perfumes and perfume oils adhere better to skin than alcohol solvents.

Choose a perfume which will enhance your natural scent.

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